Paul Matthews and Uniek

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person with a horse problem will never want for an opinion on how to solve it. Opinions in the horse owning community are freely given, and freely taken, and will commonly be as varied and contrary as it is possible to imagine. These opinions are given with kindness and conviction but rarely can they be justified in any serious scientific way. They are the folklore of the equine condition.

Even the matter of what you should feed your horse is a minefield of potential misinformation; made no easier by the feed suppliers puffing their products like snake oil salesmen.

So if it is important to you that your horse is given the correct feed containing the right ingredients, in the right quantities and at the right time, then you should ask one of the very few people who actually does know what she is talking about - Clare MacLoed. Her qualifications and experience speak for themselves. I can only testify to her first class service. She has recently provided me with an excellent report on the dietary needs of my horse with a liver problem. The report was clear and comprehensive. It made helpful distinctions between what was known and what was unknown. Opinions were supported by clear science, and pragmatic advice was given on how to manage the risks. It was altogether excellent, and extremely good value; in fact I almost certainly saved money by avoiding some expensive drugs which had questionable efficacy.”

Paul Matthews, Suffolk