Nutrition Advice for Horse Owners and Managers

Solve your feeding and nutrition problems and challenges, check your horse’s diet and learn more about nutrition, health and fitness. Clare delivers helpful impartial advice that you can use practically to help ensure optimum health and performance in your horse, or yard of horses.

For Yard Managers, please contact Clare for a quote.

  • Cost for an individual consultation visit (single horse): starts at £75 and includes a bespoke follow-up report. (Fee is dependent on your location - tiered fees apply according to your location)
  • Cost for a consultation visit (more than one horse): £75 for the first hour and a half plus £25 per half hour thereafter and includes bespoke follow-up Report (dependent on your location, as above)

Please note that all visits incur travel expenses from Clare's base in Torquay, TQ2 7SR

  • Cost for written consultation (general, UK): £60 
  • Cost for written consultation (clinical case e.g. laminitis, tying up, colic, UK): £75


Consultation visit for private owners

A consultation with you and your horse/s at your yard or home, which usually takes about one and a half hours per horse.  A minimum of three horses is required for yards outside a 45 minute journey from Torquay. Please contact Clare for availability.


  • Assessment of your horse and your current feeding ration
  • Discussion around your questions and/or problems
  • Diet and management advice
  • Answers to any other nutrition and feeding-related questions you have
  • A report summarising my advice during the visit, sent to you within a week of my visit

For both a consultation visit and a written consultation, you need to complete and return a Horse Information Form:

Word format: Clare MacL Nutr Horse Information Form.doc

PDF format: Clare MacL Nutr Horse Information FormPDF.pdf


See the Contact page for Clare’s address and email details.


The fundamentals of nutrition are the same for any horse, anywhere in the world.

However, different feeds, different forages, different feeding practices, different environmental conditions, different diseases and disorders, and different disciplines exist, all of which are taken into account.

Clare has advised horse owners all over the world including the US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the Caribbean, Cyprus, throughout Europe and the UK.          

You can pay using PayPal from anywhere in the world ( Contact Clare to discuss your requirements and receive a quote for a distance Nutrition Consultation.

Powerful Results

Nutrition Consultation can help you with a whole variety of problems and challenges with your horse, whatever their job is.

Nutrition and feeding are important whether your horse is a companion pony, a pleasure riding horse, a show hunter or an elite eventer or racehorse.

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