Harriet Laurie and her horses

Keeping my horses in a herd of 9, with a bunch of friends, we inevitably started talking about feed. We realised we were each feeding different things and each of us had to admit we had made our choices for all kinds of weird reasons – friend’s recommendations, availability, habit.. So  we decided to get Clare MacLeod to come and give us the gospel. We chose her for two reasons – one, she had written a really good book which seemed to make a lot of sense and two because when we asked our vets, they said she was one of the top equine nutritionists in the country! Good enough for us.


So she came, met all 9 horses, inspected their pasture, discussed each of their weight gain and loss habits, work patterns and special needs in detail with each owner. She got us to explain our feeding regimes and went all Sciency on us – whipping out a whiteboard pen and jotting down the nutritional value, cost, ingredients of everything on a whiteboard.


Then came the shocking part. She revealed that we were feeding in a fairly random and pointless way! Showed us how we could replace a lot of expensive nuts with more forage and explained that despite all the money we were spending we were still failing to give our horses all the vits and mins that they need! Horrors.


We ended up with a really good base plan for all 9 horses, covering all their needs and with special advice for each horse as required. The end result was that we have each saved hundreds of pounds on the wrong feed, have less work mixing and carrying feeds, have healthier horses, happy in their work. She even advised on best practice for our pasture management.


I still keep an eye on Clare’s facebook page for tips throughout the seasons and I know that she is only a call away if I have any feeding questions about my horses.


I really can’t praise her highly enough. The initial cost of her consultation has paid itself back many times over.