Consultancy Services

Clare MacLeod is an Independent Registered Equine Nutritionist with expertise in equine health and fitness who provides consultancy to horse owners, managers, vets and the horse feed industry. Clare provides a professional, unbiased advice. Browse to find out more about how Clare can help you and your horse.

Clare is passionate about helping owners with the nutrition and health of their horses, whether they are pets, leisure horses or top competition animals.


Nutrition Advice for Horse Owners and Managers

Solve your feeding and nutrition problems and challenges, check your horse’s diet and learn more about nutrition, health and fitness. Clare delivers helpful impartial advice that you can use practically to help ensure optimum health and performance in your horse, or yard of horses.


Work with a qualified and registered professional nutritionist to help with your clinical cases, and offer your clients expert nutrition and fitness advice.


Specialist workshops, talks and lectures for all levels of students, from horse owners to vets. Clare has given talks, lectures, workshops and nutrition modules to a variety of different groups.

Feed Industry

Professional technical expertise to help you with your business, including new product development, legal compliance, technical reviews, copy writing, and staff training.


Comment, articles or information from a qualified, registered professional nutritionist.

Powerful Results

Nutrition Consultation can help you with a whole variety of problems and challenges with your horse, whatever their job is.

Nutrition and feeding are important whether your horse is a companion pony, a pleasure riding horse, a show hunter or an elite eventer or racehorse.